Monthly Archives: March 2010

An Honor

It was an honor to photograph this beautiful newborn baby and something I wasn’t sure would ever take place. A long time ago – o.k well, 7 years ago exactly on May 31st, a dear friend of ours (the best man at our wedding) jokingly told our wedding guests that he was going to live indefinitely by skipping a few life stages… two of which included marriage and babies. Thank heavens he came to his senses and has since married the very girl he brought to our wedding. They are a wonderful couple that have now become a wonderful family. I wish them all the best and am so glad to witness their journey.


Teeny Tiny

Teeny, tiny and perfect. There is nothing like a newborn baby. I love everything about them and having had two of my own I realize how fleeting this stage really is. Charlotte was only 9 days old when we did this session and it seemed to me that her parents were enjoying every moment of this precious stage. She was so great to work with, she snuggled in and slept so soundly without so much as a fuss. It was an honor to meet her and her parents.