Monthly Archives: June 2010

My Girls

Just wanted to take some time to post some pictures of my girls. I am so lucky to have these two little people in my life. They are quite the characters, they can’t help but make me smile. I love how unique and spirited they are and I hope that never changes!


It was too funny, I couldn’t resist. Never a dull moment at our house!


This little man is remarkable. He came into the world early and wasted no time playing catch up… his mom made sure of that and today is her birthday (or at least it was when I started writing) so this post is extra special. His name is Lincoln and he is the baby of one of my best friends. I managed to swing out to Calgary and visit with him and his mom when he was just one month old and weighing about the same as what my girls did when they were born! He has such a wonderful personality, so easy going. We weren’t planning on taking pictures but I did have my camera so why waste an opportunity, we pulled out the ottoman, snapped a few and here they are. Alison, he’s beautiful and so are you! Can’t wait for my next trip up. Miss you lots.


I believe Alison affectionately refers to this as the “zoolander” pose.


I have a sister, a great and wonderful sister, so I know how lucky these two little girls in this post are to have each other. There will be squabbles and disagreements along the way but at the end of the day they will always have each other and that is very special. I also have two daughters and as a parent I am amazed to see this bond from a different perspective. How much they learn and grow from each other… how early they depend on and truly enjoy each other – most of the time! Today (June 2nd) we celebrated our oldest daughter’s fourth birthday and it was an all around good day but the best moment of the day (at least for me) was when Anna got to open her first present and immediately called out to her sister to help out with the unwrapping. They really are best friends! So to Susie and Fred, the parents of the two beautiful little girls in today’s post, I thank you for allowing me to witness in a small way the start of this brand new relationship. I look forward to our next session.