Monthly Archives: September 2010

Not so little anymore…

To think that she was only 12 the day I got married…well she’s not so little anymore! We had a blast going out to shoot on that very smoky day when the BC fires blew a haze over Alberta. She was such a trooper as I had her traipsing through thistles as tall as she was and I have the pictures to prove it. I would have felt bad if I wasn’t barreling through it too. Well I definitely think it was worth it. Brigette you are beautiful inside and out and I hope you enjoy your images.



Livia is simply irresistible. Tiny, curly and perfect… and just the right size for the pot that I wanted so desperately to use. 6lbs and 5oz of cuteness! It was wonderful to get to photograph her parents before she arrived (Chris and Deanne – two posts back) and a delight to capture her in all her newness at only six days old. I look forward to our next session.


A little bit country…

Four years old and he already has his very own cowboy boots! These very good friends of mine live on an acreage just outside of Beaumont and every year we get together for an outdoor session in their backyard. I love shooting outdoors and every year their yard gets better and better. It’s been so great to see their family grow and change over the years. Here are a few of the pics from their most recent session.