Monthly Archives: October 2010

Getting bigger every day…

You may remember this little guy, it seems like just last week I was posting his newborn photos but it was actually back in March. Not sure where the time goes but little Ethan is not as little as he once was, but just as cute as ever! We took advantage of the nice end of summer/early fall weather and took some pictures outside as well as in. Here are some images from both.



Fell off the blog wagon for a bit but I’m hoping to play catch up over the next little while and what a fun session to get back at it with. This is little Matthew and I must say working with beautiful babies like him does not make it easy to not have more of my own! So far there hasn’t been a stage I haven’t liked but there is something so special about a newborn baby…so tiny, so pure, so snugly. Matthew’s parents are in awe of him and it’s easy to see why. Hope you enjoy the images of this little dream.