Monthly Archives: January 2011


This session was in part a surprise for his Grandmother so even if I had the time to blog this before Christmas I wasn’t allowed to. Lincoln, whom you’ve seen before on the blog has grown so much. When his Mom secretly drove down from Calgary to come see me I was delighted to see the irresistible curls this fella was sporting. Adorable to say the least. Here are a few of the images from his session.



I got the very fortunate pleasure of meeting Jen and Roger to capture a very important time in their life. Next to having a baby, expecting a baby is pretty pivotal and it’s always such an honor to be asked to archive this special occasion. They were a lot of fun and very patient with the enthusiastic spectators that wanted to be a part of the action. I guess who could blame them right? In any case, I hope you enjoy a few of the images from their maternity session, their little sweet pea (so beautiful) will have her own post in the near future.



When my sister asked me to do photos of her and her boyfriend I was happy to oblige. It was the first time she had ever asked me to take pictures of her with someone special so I knew it must be significant. Now a few months and a lot of snow later, they are engaged! I am happy to welcome a new brother and a great guy into my family. Congratulations Terra and Joe, you deserve each other and all the happiness you bring each other!