Monthly Archives: February 2013

A Winter Wonderland

This weekend I was asked by a friend to go out for a quick trip into the fog to take some pictures just for fun. How could I say no!? It was so pretty and definitely fun. There was a thick blanket of fog covering…well everything, but while we were out, the fog disappeared and left behind such amazing horror frost and a beautiful blue sky. Here are some pics from the outing.


WinterFog1 WinterDay1C WinterDay1B WinterDay1D WinterDay1E

Just Because

So here is something I’ve learned about myself… I am a terrible blogger! Haven’t I said that before?? In an attempt to get me going and back into the swing of things (here’s hoping) I am doing a “just because blog post.” What does that mean? Well in this instance, it means that the photography in it, relates in no way to my business. It’s just because and for no other reason.

I’m missing summer despite the fact that I have actually gotten out quite a bit this winter season with family and friends. I LOVE summer. Don’t get me wrong, I would miss winter if it was gone completely, I just would be much happier if it didn’t last quite so long! Anyways, I saw these shots I took of a very good friend’s horse on a warm summer evening and felt like sharing them.