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My Girls }} Dpict Photography

It was a beautiful evening last night and I wanted to stop and take a moment to capture my girls just as they are right now. They are growing so very¬†fast. The time we (Dean and I) have with them is so important and it seems to be flying by. If I could figure out a way to slow it down even some, I would, but I can’t. I just have to enjoy and appreciate it as much as I can. So here is to my smart, beautiful, talented, silly, brave and kind little girls who are a little less little every day. I love you, now and always.


Girls_1 Girls_2 Girls_3Girls_4

Chloe }} Dpict Photography

Took a bit of a road trip to meet this little sweetheart and I think she knew because she saved up a bunch of smiles for me! Thanks Amber, Kevin and Ethan for having me up to Calgary. You have a beautiful family and I’m honoured to get to capture this special time!


Chloe_1 Chloe_2 Chloe_3 Chloe_4 Chloe_5 Chloe_6 Chloe_7

Preston…healthy and happy }} Dpict Photography

I am very fortunate to get awesome repeat clients like this family!!! I absolutely love getting to see families grow and change over the years. It seriously warms my heart. This newest addition is going to be spoiled rotten, I can already tell ;)


Preston_Newborn_1 Preston_Newborn_2 Preston_Newborn_3 Preston_Newborn_4 Preston_Newborn_5