About Melissa

Here’s a bit about me:

I am a wife to a wonderful husband, the kind of guy that still gives me butterflies and makes me laugh. We’ve been together for 17 years this May (2012) and married for 9. Together we have two BEAUTIFUL girls who surprise and inspire me every day. They teach me patience and remind me to have more fun. My family is the glue in my life.

Photography isn’t just a hobby, it is a passion that I have managed to turn into a career. Capturing special moments and milestones of my own family, has meant so much to me, and I want to be able to do the same for other people. I love to be a part of capturing the innocence of a newborn baby, the smile (or smirk!!) of a baby or child, the warmth and personality of a family or even the beauty in an old abandoned truck in the middle of nowhere.

I am one of those people who thinks photographs are important…essential. I love the pictures on my walls and I regularly go through my wedding album and family photos with my kids. Not only is it nice for me to be able to look back, but wonderful for them to see moments that they were too young to remember or not around yet to be a part of. It’s where we have come from and who we are.

Realizing I wanted to pursue photography as a career, I took the Photographic Technology program at NAIT (2003 – 2005). Since then, I continue to push myself to learn and grow as a photographer, and I hope it shows in my work and the effort I put into each session.

I understand that my style is not for everyone, but if you feel that it is just right for you, head over to the contact page and let’s have a chat!

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    gill March 20, 2010

    very proud of what you accomplished best of luck

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